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What is a CPC?

A CPC is a Certified Practising Conveyancer.

Stamp Duty

To become a CPC a Conveyancer must have completed the educational and practical training requirements to hold a conveyancers license and be a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

A CPC has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the area of property transactions. A CPC must carry Professional Indemnity Insurance (for your protection) and must comply with the high standards set by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division and have the full backing of the Institute and its resources.

You can instruct a CPC to handle your property transaction knowing that it will be done by a professional and experienced Conveyancer who has a comprehensive knowledge of this field of law (Conveyancing) and as such is up to date with all changes to legislation and procedures that may effect your transaction.

At Wollondilly and The NSW Conveyancing Centres we are proud to be Certified Practising Conveyancers and assure you that at all times we will advise you on the progress of your transaction and we will act to protect your best interests at all times.

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